The "advancedwhois" script modifies standard output of “whois”. All its features are shown in the pictures below.


  1. If you already have a previous version, you will first need to delete it: rm
  2. Download the up-to-date version of the script: wget (current version 0.25)
  3. If you do not have an alias for the script, then create one in .bashrc using this command: alias w='bash $HOME/scripts/' (do not forget to restart bash using the bash command)


The script has the option to log whois queries. The log file gets cleared every 5000 lines. There is a -h option (run w -h) that explains how to search in the log file. Each line in the log file has got a prefix and it looks as follows: MM-DD-YYYY-domain-

You can search the following patterns:

  • a domain name: w -l example.tld (show all info about example.tld)
  • a date: w -l 07-15-2016 (show all your Whois queries on 07/15/2016)
  • a date + domain name: w -l 07-15-2016-example.tld (show all Whois queries for example.tld on 07/15/2016)
  • an ip address: w -l example.tld-ip (show the IP address(es) of example.tld)
  • name servers: w -l example.tld-ns (show the Name Servers of example.tld)
  • MX records: w -l example.tld-mx (show the MX rerords of example.tld)
  • TXT records: w -l example.tld-txt (show the TXT rerords of example.tld)


Also, the script has an option to check for updates. In order to do so, run: w -u


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