cPanel backup API Script

cPanel backup API Script

This is a simple script that sends an API call to the cPanel server to create a full cPanel backup.

It can be useful in the following cases:

  • the hosting provider has removed a link to the “Backup” feature from cPanel (if “Backup” is disabled for the cPanel account, then API will not help in this situation)
  • there may be an issue at the hosting provider’s end when cPanel shows that a backup has been started, however, in fact, it has not.

How to

  1. Download the script: wget
  2. Open it and enter the source and destination login details


3. Run the script: bash

4. In the case of success you will see the following JSON output:

"apiversion": "1",
"data": {
"result": ""
"event": {
"result": 1
"func": "fullbackup",
"module": "Fileman",
"postevent": {
"result": 1
"preevent": {
"result": 1
"source": "module",
"type": "event"

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